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July 6th, 2012


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June 23rd, 2012

Hi-Fi Intermezzo

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Many years ago I was in a local hi-fi shop looking to buy a used Rega Planet CD player (I don’t remember exactly how long ago this was but a) there was a local hi-fi shop and, b) I was looking to buy a CD player). While discussing the pros and cons of the Rega with the owner who I’m sure was humoring me since I was the only one there, a smartly dressed fellow walked in and announced, “I’m Dr. So-and-So. Dr. So-and-So from Bernardsville said you were the man to talk to about home theater.” Which was mostly fine except that he’d interrupted us, did not excuse himself for doing so, and failed to acknowledge that another customer’s presence mattered. Judging from his tailored khakis, form-fitting polo shirt with upturned collar (starched?), what I can only guess were Italian loafers, and a watch I could have driven home, Dr. So-and-So was used to acting like a pompous ass without a hint of recourse.


May 28th, 2012

Good Vibrations

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Psychic TV
The Magickal Mystery D Tour E.P .
“Good Vibrations” & “Hex Sex (Voodoo Mix)” / “Roman P. (Fireball Mix)” & “Interzone”

O the places you’ll go. And when you don’t go anywhere for one reason or another but want to feel as if you did, what better form of transportation than a Magickal Mystery D Tour? What can you say about Psychic TV covering the Beach Boys? Surprisingly straight yet twisted just enough and just what the good doctor/tour guide ordered late last night. Originally released in 1986 on Temple Records and dedicated to Brion Gysin.

You can get your very limited edition 7? “autographed by Genesis and embossed with the GP-O seal of authenticity” for $23 directly from the P-Orrige Shoppe (only 10 copies left).

May 23rd, 2012


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Holes. We all have ‘em and they are at times inexplicable. Damn near dumbfounding. Why I have not owned this record until now (more or less) is unfathomable beyond the fact that it never presented itself to me.

Both sides live and a full 12? 33rpm’s worth of nasty noise (at least that’s on the face of it). I happen to really dig this shit. For me, it’s dope. It hits my A-list in all the right places. Tickles my fan-cies. Attitudinal adjustments accepted, apply within.

Recorded Live November 26, 1981 at The Venue in London (where was I on November 26, 1981? No where like this). Lydia’s side is all one track, “The Agony Is The Ecstasy” and features a bunch of guys I don’t know much about but they kick some royal ass: Christian Hoffman (drums), Steven Severin and Murray Mitchell (guitar), Lydia Lunch (talking, reciting, and screaming). The B-as-in-Birthday Party side features “Pleasure Heads”, “King Ink”, ” Zoo-Music Girl”, and a cover of The Stooges (of course)  “Loose”.

I did an in-depth analysis of the sound quality of this record to see why I like it so much and interestingly enough the overall values averaged out to = fuck off.

May 22nd, 2012

Google’s Doodle Moog

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Coming to the USA tomorrow, Google’s tribute to Robert Moog on what would have been his 78th birthday. Play it now in Japan. (its really fun and you can record and share).

May 22nd, 2012

After Diner

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May 18th, 2012

The cocktail

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photo credit: New York New York

My favorite beautifully-made workwear maker also has a blog called New York New York where he features mainly photos of cocktails . Like this one. I think they’re dreamy. Cheers.

May 16th, 2012

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pint Beer Glass

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Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pint Beer Glass
Set of 6 ($17.99 on Amazon)

In my search for the perfect pint glass, I came across the Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pint Beer Glass. The 20.3 oz., 6.2?H, 3.5?W shapely crystal is lead-free (stronger than lead-versions according to Schott Zwiesel and dishwasher safe) and based on other prices around the web I think this Set of 6 for $17.99 deal may be in error since every other site I’ve seen lists this as being closer to the per glass price or a set of 6 for $80+. So get ‘em for $3 while you can (fyi – Dale’s Pale Ale tastes marvelous swirled sipped and gulped out of ‘em).

May 15th, 2012

The Rite of Spring

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May 11th, 2012

Finally a sensible camera kit

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The Leica M9-P Edition Hermès – Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas comes with everything you see including the calfskin “ocre” leather-bound slightly re-designed Leica M9, a Leica Summicron-M 28 mm f/ 2 ASPH., a Leica Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH. and a Leica APO-Summicron-M 90 mm f/ 2 ASPH, a matching shoulder strap, and you keep it all in the Hermes camera bag.

Jean-Louis Dumas was the former president of Hermès and a fan of Leica (the kit also includes a two-volume book of his M-photos) so this represents a marriage made in mutual admiration. Limited to 100 pieces and priced at $50,000. If you want to skip the kit and just grab one of the three hundred M9-P Edition Hermès cameras which includes a silver-anodized Leica Summilux-M 50 mm f/1.4 ASPH, you’ll save yourself $25,000.

May 10th, 2012


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Gian Lorenzo Bernini
The Rape of Proserpina (detail)
Galleria Borghese, Rome

May 7th, 2012

NY Times Magazine Spread Didn’t Hide The Hi-Fi!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012 NY Times Magazine. I don’t see the speakers but that rack is prominently placed amid très chicness. I bet they have Sonic Youth’s Nurse (the record).

This just in! Robert B. was kind enough to send me the mystery-solving piece of this hi-fi puzzle.

May 4th, 2012

John Peel’s Record Collection

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How cool would it be to flip your way through John Peel’s record collection? Very fucking cool, no? Cooler still would be to listen to whatever you found interesting (you’ll need a Spotify account but hey, its free). Well, thank The Studio for the experience and get yee to John Peel’s Record Collection where, “The first 100 of each letter of John’s collection will be released one a week from 1st May 2012 to 1st Oct 2012?.

Music legend John Peel’s record collection, one of the most celebrated in the world, is being made into an interactive online museum for the public.

His family have given exclusive access to the collection which includes 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and many thousands of CDs.

John Peel’s wife and Patron of the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts, Sheila Ravenscroft, introduces John Peel’s Record collection and explains how it was catalogued and how it is going to be made available on The Space, together with other material.

May 3rd, 2012

An Audiophile Aptitude Test

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This picture illustrates that this guy:

A) doesn’t know shit about hi-fi
B) doesn’t know shit about music
C) all of the above
D) none of the above

May 2nd, 2012

Mike Watt: On and Off Bass

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Mike Watt
On And Off Bass

Minuteman bass player Mike Watt lives in San Pedro, CA and spends most mornings biking, kayaking and taking pictures. This book collects some of those and mixes in some thoughts and poems from his tour diaries. I heard Mike on Soundcheck with John Schaefer and John sounded flummoxed. Excellent.

photo credit: Mike Watt

If you find yourself diggin Mike’s photo’s, I did-they’re quirky and filled with delight in the moment, you can buy an original from Track 16 Gallery.

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