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January 15th, 2010


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At this very moment, my old cherry red Gibson Flying V is being transformed — transformed by the good man, Mark Dalzell  (who, strangely, reminds me of John DeVore in many ways), over at Metropolis Music (240 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ) — transformed from a mild-mannered axe into a weapon of love; a sexy demon of blissed-out, psychedelic daydreams, of fire and air and soul and all kinds of hot shit.  (See above.)

Dalzell, who holds a Bachelors of Music in Viola, “has studied and performed on everything from 15th century instruments such as vielle, cittern and shawm to Indonesian gamelan instruments, to experimental electric violins, digital trumpets, and just about every instrument in a symphony orchestra.” He also builds his own strange instruments, including “The Destroyer,” a hybrid electric guitar/mandolin/theramin.

To see more of Mark’s work visit

April 13th, 2009

Cam Deas – My Guitar Is Alive and It’s Singing

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Good and bad news here.  One of the best guitar-soli records I possess; unfortunately it’s limited to a measly 300 copies.


 This slab o’ wax is total and complete genius (I played it four times this weekend).   I know very little about this picker but you can confidently slide this LP next to Fahey, Bull, Blackshaw, Graham and Kottke; it’s that good!  He also has a slightly less limited split tour LP (350 copies this time!) with another unknown axe man Spoono (aka Jack Allet), also a worthwhile endeavour.

March 13th, 2009

True Story of Abner Jay

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It’s a new Mississippi; nothing more needs to be said … except for, “Abner is enjoying his seventh wife, and he claims she is just about wore out too.”

February 4th, 2009

El Guincho: Alegranza!

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Have we talked about this already?  I don’t know, but it goes along with our ice-melting, summery theme.  Alegranza! is a cacophonic, clammering off-kilter carnival.  It sounds like summer; feels like summer; tastes, looks, smells like summer:

There are fireworks in the sky and you’ve got a beer in your hand.  There are dancers in the street waving enormous flags and color is exploding everywhere and all the women are impossibly beautiful and wearing next to nothing and looking your way.


January 31st, 2009

Sunny Murray – Big Chief

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The Big Chief with remixed art.

Yowza! I have emerged from the man-cave after battle with the ‘Chief’. Definitely one avant jazz scarcity (one site referred to it as a “sick collector’s item since long before ebay …”) that I never thought I’d ever get to hear let alone own. Mastered by Mike King of Canada’s own Reel Recordings fame.

Cheers to the folks at Eremite.

January 29th, 2009

John Martyn – Dead at 60.

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This one really hits hard.  

December 19th, 2008

Girls Who Rock: JENNY LEWIS!

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Ah yes. I just felt that I needed to contribute. And so, I begin with Jenny Lewis. Here we see her and her, um, nice… microphone. What a nice microphone!

DAMN, I love microphones.

Also, it is obvious that Miss Lewis shares with us a certain passion: BEER. Can anyone tell exactly what beer she’s drinking?

May 12th, 2008

Beer is good

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But where (and with whom) you drink it is important.

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