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May 22nd, 2012

After Diner

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June 17th, 2011

Monkeyhaus: Live!

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Zentripetal Duo

Yesterday evening we were treated to a rare treat – live music in an intimate (and really good-sounding) setting. The Zentripetal Duo, violinist Lynn Bechtold & cellist Jennifer DeVore, performed three pieces for the Monkeyhaus gang- C17H21NO4 by Gene Pritsker (thankfully no one knew what the title referenced), Astor Piazzolla’s “Violetas Populares”, and finally a piece composed by Monkeyhaus regular Dan Cooper titled Design Duo. I found the performance thrilling, moving (each piece in its own way – e.g. Dan Cooper’s piece literally put me on a path through a lush field and forest) and fun. Musically delicious.

Afterward we listened to records and the theme or rule if you prefer for this portion of the evening was “Covers Only”. Cover versions can be pure fun in their simultaneous difference and reference and some of my personal highlights included Bauhaus’ stupendous version of “Ziggy Stardust” and a smashing pair of Gloria’s one each from Patti Smith and Jimi Hendrix. I’ve said this before but its worth covering again – you want this record (both actually).

And I feel compelled to point out the excruciatingly obvious which is that live music sounds like live music and recorded music sounds like recorded music so why fret. Another thing about live music is you, we the listeners, are not in control. Anything can happen and there’s no volume control. And that’s a beautiful thing. And my feeling is musicians play for the room (I mean that in every way) – the human version of DSP is so far advanced from the poorer and infinitely simpler software-in-a-box (the former is actively emotive for one) its not even funny. Records on the other hand put our musical world at your cartridge-tip which is equally grand. Life with music live and on record is good.

A big thank you to our host, Mr. ‘Haus and the Zentripetal Duo for reminding us that music made in the moment is a precious thing to capture fleetingly.

March 5th, 2011


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photo credit: John DeVore

Last night was the first (of many more to come he types with fingers crostssed) Moviehaus. We watched, well, you know from that image, in its entirety. The Final Cut. On BluRay on a big-ass screen. It was amazing. A movie masterpiece. More human than human.

Then we listened to music. The Moviehaus to Monkeyhaus transformation took all of two minutes. We just removed the big-ass screen. Same hi-fi, home theater 2.0. DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96s and Shindo. What more does a movie/music lover need? (hint: popcorn) Music for the evening consisted of soundtracks only, per the Hauskeeper’s rule. Sometimes its good to have rules. They can make things feel more creative because of their limitations. And watching movies and listening to music with friends reminds us that our own point of view is necessarily limited leaving our world-view enhanced and enriched through shared experience.

Bravo, Mr. Monkeyhaus.

February 24th, 2011

Record Clubs of Different Sort

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This struck me as pretty interesting, “Groups of music fans sit in front of a vinyl turntable, with the best speakers they can afford, dim the lights and listen to a classic album all the way through.”

Read more here.

Brilliant!  Monkeyhaus done UK-style?

November 23rd, 2010

Last night LP highlight

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November 7th, 2010

Trouble In Mind

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Fortunately I didn’t need my pocket music guide at last night’s Monkeyhaus. The reason being when people talk about music at the Monkeyhaus they share. They share not only what they brought but in most cases why they brought it, maybe how they came across it in the first place, what it means to them, some historical and personal perspective and most importantly they share their excitement over the opportunity to introduce us to something we may not know and perhaps will come to enjoy and eventually share with others.

There’s more to learn about music through this sharing and listening than you could ever learn from a pocket book. Although I have to admit, they got this part right – For most of us who have ‘ ears to hear ‘, listening to music is a source of delight.

August 3rd, 2010

Lastminutehaus: A Monkeyhaus Farewell

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As some/all of you know, Komuro has been helping me with some of the electric at the new apartment (John is moving but he doesn’t even need to change his driver’s license). Today over ham, turkey and provolone sandwiches we were chatting about JC Morrison. We discussed that he was departing the country very shortly, more shortly in fact than Komuro had realized so he called JC right then. This led to that and before I knew it I had invited them both over to Monkeyhaus for a farewell hang.” an email from John DeVore

And so it came to be that last Thursday was the Lastminutehaus as bon voyage for JC who’s leaving his home in NYC for a new home in Mollevången, Sweden. Mollevången, a district of Malmo is “…home to many punks, rockers and other independent people” according to World Travel Images. If ever I’ve met an independent people, it’s JC Morrison.

JC Morrison (holding the original Dinosaur ad from Sound Practices), Komuro, Herb Reichert
photo credit: John DeVore


July 19th, 2010

Ol Coot

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April 21st, 2010


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A special Monkeyhaus for a special group of audiophiles – the crew from Stereophile. If the Fan-The-Flames-Of-Subjectivist-Reviewers-Hate Club knew about this event they could have padlocked the door and thrown away the Monkeyhaus key causing the world of hi-fi as we know it to cease to exist. You’d think that a Monkeyhaus filled with audiophile professionals would see more talk of hi-fi but music was once again the star of the afternoon, evening and early morning. Yes, this Monkeyhaus also had the honor of being one of longest at nearly 12 hours.


March 23rd, 2010

Vintage Monkeyhaus photo unearthed!

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March 8th, 2010

Official Monkeyhaus Spring Brew?

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magic hat vinyl lager

Magic Hat
Vinyl Lager

“Our brand-new spring seasonal! A amber-hued spring lager with a slightly sweet malt taste and a subdued hop bitterness. Set your season spinning with Vinyl!”

No, I haven’t had it but we must. Label designed by Phish poster art boy Jim Pollock. Radical.

February 26th, 2010

Official Monkeyhaus Sock?

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monkeyhaus sox
Fox River Rockford Red Heel Socks
$12.00 / 2 pair

2-pair pack with instructions to make the sock monkey included. A super-soft everyday work sock.

* Soft, natural cotton provides breathability and absorbency
* Smooth, flat toe seam
* Dimensional knit for a foot hugging fit
* Any size sock can be used to produce a sock monkey doll.
* Sock monkey instructions included with every pack.

Temperature: Temperate
Weight: Light weight
Height/Type: Crew

sock monkey

January 27th, 2010

Happy Birthday Monkeyhaus

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Monkeyhaus turned one today, I raise a glass. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this thing–I suppose I owe a great deal to little Leo, for kicking me out of my own livingroom and forcing me to finish a listening room project started eight years ago. The room was built as a tool, and as a shelter from the bombast that the factory will often hurl.


The first Monkeyhaus event formed fairly organically, friends gathering together to listen to music. A fairly neutral territory, big enough for everyone. Yet professional or just important enough to warrant repeat visits and special occasion whisky, cigars, LPs, even master tapes. Open doors and friendly, but also a sense of truly belonging, membership, family.

August 25th, 2009

Happiness is cold beer and a warm Monkeyhaus

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