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May 13th, 2011

Amanda Fucking Palmer

Posted by john devore in Music, Records

Amanda Fucking Palmer

Has released an album of Radiohead covers. She accompanies herself on ukelele and prepared piano.

This is interesting to me because Radiohead is my favorite current band, and because Radiohead covers are often done by some pretty interesting people.

AFP is half of The Dresden Dolls a Brechtian Punk Cabaret group wreaking havoc from Boston for a decade or so. The ‘Dolls aren’t exactly my cup of tea, but I heard Amanda Fucking Palmer on NPR sing Creep accompanied by nothing but her ukelele and that was it. She brought to the song what Thom can’t, this direct, vivid, flesh-and-blood quality that was absolutely impossible to push into the background.

AFP has a presence and intensity that may well be too much for most via her Dresden Dolls delivery system

(It mostly is for me too)

but stripped down to this bare minimum, as she is in this record, singing these six songs, she is irresistible.

Generally speaking–well, actually, considering the views expressed on this site I should say especially speaking, I’m not one to admit that I enjoy that audiophile creampuff that is imaging, but to have Amanda Fucking Palmer, right there in front of you, playing her pathetic little ukelele and telling you

“if I could be who you wanted,
if I could be who you wanted,
all the time, all the time.”

Well, it’s difficult to resist.

I why try? The LP is deliciously recorded, and puts AFP right there in front of you. I preordered the LP and an additional delight came with the packaging. There’s a real, personal feel to the whole thing, from first to last.

Thanks Katie.

Dont leave me high, dont leave me dry.

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  1. on May 14th, 2011 at 10:22 am


    I listened to the whole thing here –

    “Creep (Live in Prague)” is so fucking special.

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